Everyone deserves a level playing field

Young people from underserved communities have reduced opportunities as a result of inequality in our society. The NFL Foundation UK will contribute to addressing this inequality by:

  • Providing grants, training, and equipment to local community organisations
  • Creating partnerships that enable young people to access positive opportunities
  • Supporting programming that helps young people to develop the skills, confidence, and belief to create their own future, impact society and reach their potential

By 2023, the NFL Foundation UK aims to support programmes in multiple cities across the UK, engaging over 6,000 participants

Our partnerships with local community organisations will ensure our work is designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by each specific community we engage with

“The Change Foundation and the NFL Foundation UK partnered to create a programme which engaged with over 75 young women through a new sport, providing them opportunities to create a stronger sense of community”

— Navjeet Sira – The Change Foundation