What We Do

Using NFL Flag to bring together young people in positive environments that promote a sense of belonging

What We Do

Helping young people to develop their confidence and the skills they need to find and realise their potential

What We Do

Providing educational and industry pathways to create platforms for young people to showcase their voices take ownership of their futures and level-up society


We have identified the outputs (direct, immediate results associated with the activities that we engage in) and outcomes (short, medium, and long-term changes in thoughts, beliefs, skills, behaviours, and actions) that we believe will have the biggest impact on the young people we support

NFL Flag has been proven to be a strong engagement tool with diverse and underserved groups, in particular young people. Therefore, the Foundation will provide funding and NFL Flag training to local community charities that seek positive outputs and outcomes for young people around education, employment, community engagement and physical & mental wellbeing.

These partnerships are co-created with, and reflective of, the communities we engage with and we ensure that all partners have the information and knowledge they need to ensure ongoing effectiveness and success.